Editorial Services

Age groups and genres I work on: I am a picture book specialist, so my primary area of focus is children’s picture books, both fiction and non-fiction, rhyming and non-rhyming. I also love middle grade fiction and have extensive experience editing for this age group. I’m happy to talk about young adult fiction as well, though I may not be the best freelancer for your project. If that is the case, I have many connections to other talented freelancers and may be able to refer you to a more appropriate editor for your needs.

Picture Book Developmental Edit: Have you written a picture book? This is my favorite thing to work on! For picture book manuscript developmental edits, I will provide: a detailed editorial letter outlining my comprehensive feedback on the text and evaluating elements like character, plot, and language as well as notes on marketability. I also make line edits, marking line-specific things like uneven voice, awkward phrasing, inquiries about word choice, etc.

Pricing: Up to 500 words: $275; 501-1000 words: $325; 1001-1500 words: $375; 1501 and up: quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Novel Developmental Edit: If you’re looking for more comprehensive feedback on your novel, a developmental edit will provide in-depth analysis on both a macro and micro level. This service provides the same type of editorial letter included with the Novel Editorial Assessment, in addition to detailed line edits throughout the manuscript, addressing line-specific things like uneven voice, awkward phrasing, or inquiries about word choice. I will also note any questions or comments that come up as I read, including things like inconsistencies in timeline, character traits, world building, etc.

Pricing: $.04 /Word

Synopsis Review: If you’re getting ready to submit a novel and are struggling to create a streamlined synopsis that captures all of the nuance, action, and character growth that occurs in your novel while keeping within length constraints, I can provide a synopsis review. For this service, I will read your synopsis and write an editorial letter detailing my feedback on parts that could be cut or condensed, elements that need expansion, and plot points that require further explanation. I also make line edits on the text, marking it for voice, sentence structure, clarity, and ensuring that it is as concise as possible.

Pricing: $25

Querying Package: To get you fully ready to query your novel, I offer a bundle of services that includes a query letter review, synopsis review, and first ten pages review at a discounted rate.

Pricing: $180

Novel Editorial Assessment: If you’ve written a novel and want an expert opinion on the strengths, areas for improvements, and marketability of your manuscript but aren’t ready for a full developmental edit, an assessment provides valuable guidance. For this service, I will do a close read of your manuscript and write a comprehensive editorial letter detailing my constructive feedback and suggestions for revision in areas including character, plot/pacing, language, setting and world building, and the all-important voice. (This service does not include line edits.)

Pricing: $.02 /Word

Query Letter Review: One of the most difficult parts of preparing to submit your manuscript to agents or editors is crafting a query letter that is attention-grabbing, concise, and highlights all of your manuscript’s strongest selling points. I will review your letter and make line edits, marking up the text to polish the voice, maximize the limited word count, and make the plot synopsis shine. I will also write an editorial letter providing feedback on the letter with suggestions for any elements to expand, any sections that could be condensed, anything that needs to be added, etc.

Pricing: $50

First Ten Pages Review: Many agents or editors request the first ten pages of a novel long with a query letter. In order to prepare for submission, let’s polish up those pages! For this service, I will do a developmental edit on the first ten pages of your manuscript, providing an editorial letter and line edits as described above.

Pricing: $120

Copyediting and Proofreading: I provide copyediting, proofreading, and fact checking services for picture books. These services can be added on to the services above.

Pricing: Contact me for pricing.

Ghostwriting: I am a writer at heart and am an experienced ghostwriter for the middle grade and young adult age groups. I work on fiction, non-fiction, and memoir. My passion is bringing your stories to life and I am dedicated to matching my voice and storytelling style to your vision and personality. Pricing varies by project. Please get in touch via email at sarahjaneabbotteditorial@gmail.com.